Ministries: JK Bentil Ministries

Kingdom Power Ministries

To operate in the Kingdom of Heaven for the sole purpose of establishing the Kingdom of God in the Heart of Men
To restore the true Message of the Kingdom
To the body of Christ
To build a great family
To invite, feed, heal, clothe and to visit

Prison and hospital ministry

This wing of Bishop Bentil visits the various prisons and hospitals in the nation to minister salvation, healing and reformation to the inmates and patients. Besides the spiritual provision given to the inmates, this ministry also cater for their physical needs through donation of needed items.

Charismatic Couples Fellowship

We believe that strong marriages build the church and that when the enemy succeeds in destroying the family, he has literally destroyed the church. To this regards, this ministry was given birth so as to bring couples together to strengthen and empower marriages to stand in the will of God.

Joseph's Store House

As the name suggests, this ministry mobilizes resources for free distribution to the needy in the society. We are also engaged in skills training programmes for the young men and women on the streets after we have preached Christ to them to enable them settle into decent living.

Empowerment of the spirit international conference

This conference is tailored to serve as grooming ground for many from all over the world who may have come into contact with Bishop Bentil on the internet, radio, etc. and want to have a person encounter with his ministry. 

Night Of Glory (Formerly Healing From Above)

This is an interdenominational all night healing service that is held on the last Friday of every month. It is a time of spiritual, emotional and physical healing coupled with an impartation service.

The way crusades

As mandated by Christ through the greatest commission, this wing of JKBM focuses on preaching the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to the masses in every city and town across Africa and the world at large. 

Greater Exploits Conference

This is organized to unite ministers of the gospel, to help build upon what they have, to prepare them face the present, pending and the future challenges in life in order to experience greater exploits in their ministry.

Esther's Generation

Esther's Generation is born from the womb of God's spirit to raise women to the place where God has destined them to be. We believe that no one was born with a silver spoon in the mouth and it requires a process to have progress. This ministry is therefore called to help women discover, develop and deploy their God given talent for the benefit of the Kingdom.

Power bible college

This wing of the ministry seeks to restore true chamberlains to the Body of Christ. The school is tailored to meet the needs of contemporary ministry in Ghana.